MiMax High Definition Lipstick

High definition Lipstick

Highly pigmented lipstick for a long-lasting effect. Fresh and glamorous tones for a flattering expressive look. Intense and vibrant colors for coloring and shaping the lips.

The Cranberry shade was winner of Macblogster’s 30 Day Lipstick Challenge on Instagram

Retail price: €8.50

MiMax High Definition Lipstick is available in 12 different shades: Gold, Classy, Bronze, Rio, Cuba, Maya, Fuchsia, Violet, Raisin, Cranberry, Star and Viva.

retail price: €8.50

MiMax Lipstick
MiMax Lipstick

Application Tip:

Be sure to use a lip pencil to keep your lipstick color in place. To prevent hard lines, roll the lip pencil in the palm of your hands to warm it up before application.