Long Lasting Blush

Silky and creamy formula, once applied to the skin it creates a matte and powdery finish. Perfect coverage for uneven skin tones. It can be used on its own or fixed with loose powder for a long-lasting effect.

Retail price: € 13.95


The long lasting Blush from MiMax Make Up is available in six different shades: Pinky, Peach, Ginger, Coral, Copper and Malt.

Application Tips:

Choose the correct color of blush by finding the shade that matches your cheeks when you feel flushed or after you’ve exercised or been outside on a cold day.

When you’re ready to apply the blush, look into the mirror and smile to find the “apple” of your cheek.
Apply the blush with one sweeping motion in one direction. If you rub it around in cirles it can cause a streaky effect.